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Our Idea

A NFT Oriented Blockchain revolutionizing NFT space with its own Ecosystem. Capitalisation of untapped markets with Centralized exchange while in working collaboration with government officials. A unique NFT platform running on its own Blockchain eradicating the barriers of high transaction fees, delayed transactions and rug pulls.

second ico is live



Second ico is live


Graph of ICO

Totall Supply : 100%

The remaining supply from the ICOs will be 30% burned in different event and 70% will be locked for future project

Token Distribution


Sale & Purchase Transation fee : 7%

Why choosing SURE ?

$Sure Finance brings a NFT Oriented Blockchain, much needed in the NFT Market. While revolutionizing the yet to come Billion $ industry of NFTs, it has its own ecosystem fully supporting the cause of the project. In accomplishing the mission to be a Big NFT platform one day, $SURE provides you a chance to grow with us as we grow today.

It’s the first of its kind Blockchain targeting NFT world and practically working to be the best in the game in terms of gains via its listings on Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges. Providing projects with $SURE Barter, Wallet and Launchpad. Capitalisation of untapped Urban markets is also a core part of the project to educate and financially alleviate its Believers. Inshort You need $SURE and $SURE needs you.

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Our Token

What is Sure Token ?

Sure is a decentralized token based on Binance SmartChain Network. It has a vision of expanding and spreading its wings across a vast Ecosystem. It’s a deflationary token and has a mechanism of auto-generation of liquidity pool. A redistribution strategy and also a Burning mechanism.

Main Features

Eco System

A NFT Oriented Blockchain Ecosystem. Empowering the NFT ecosystem. Disrupting the existing NFT market with a NFT platform of its own. Out of the box Blockchain. Ensuring Data encryption, Safety, User friendly apps, Easier and faster transactions, Low Transaction Fees.



Decentralized Exchange of $SURE is Sure Barter. Helping the underrated projects with great vision and plan of action. It will help boost the community, creators, developers, holders as well as crypto on the whole resulting in healthy competition. We will provide these projects with our own Barter to increase their volume.


Centralized Exchange

Sure Finance aims to build a platform that solves the problems of different global markets while being in cooperation with those market officials. Different governments are hesitant to crypto and are fearful of scams, this can be easily solved with talks and education as crypto is beneficial for everybody and so it should be accessible to everybody in every way.

NFT Blockchain

NFT Oriented Blockchain

$SURE is eager to bring a first of its kind NFT Oriented Block chain. $SURE comes in play with the first NFT Oriented Block chain that will have no existing problems of high gas fees, delayed transactions. None of the existing Block chains are fundamentally designed in order to make them solve the issues with NFTs. This could solve the global piracy and infringement issues that United Nations or World Trade Organization has failed to solve.

NFT Platform

NFT platform

This is the biggest and foremost element of $SURE ecosystem. NFTs are usually considered a Rich Man’s sport but we want to change this and give benefits to smaller investors so they could be someday the head of the table. Many unique capabilities will be introduced in this platform and team will announce those features as project grows further.



$SURE Metaverse ensures the benefits of buyers who are buying in high volumes in metaverse utilizing $SURE Token as a currency whether they are buying lands, attending concerts, or travelling in $SURE Metaverse, we allocate them whitelist of our NFT’s Projects that are to be launched on our NFT platform according to there buying volume in $SURE.



Decentralized wallet for the holding of assets and user friendly transactions within the wallet connected to $SURE Barter. Better management of Funds safely and securely.

Road Map

Our Team Leaders

Meet a Crew of Professionals

How To Buy Our Tokens

Token Name: SURE Finance

Token Symbol : Sure

Launching price: $ 0.01

Total supply: 100M

Project protocol: BEP20

Token Contract Address:

The following address is for the SFC token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it.


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